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Terms of use:

By participating in the reward program, you automatically agree to the terms of participation in the reward system program.

1. Terms of participation in the program.
1.1 Any natural person can become a member of the loyalty program - a consumer who is registered on the H-G website.
1.2 By registering in the program, you thereby give the administration of the H-G consent to the processing of your personal data listed below in order to conclude and execute contracts for the sale / provision of services, inform about goods, works, services and / or conduct surveys and research, participation in the loyalty program, including accounting for the accumulation and use of Rewards, to provide you with the most beneficial personalized offers from H-G and its partners, send you emails, and also allow you to transfer or entrust to others the processing of the following personal data.
Consent is given to the processing of your following personal data: last name, first name, patronymic, gender, date of birth, mobile and/or home phone numbers, e-mail address, postal address, information about the history of purchases, including the names of the purchased goods/services and their value, accumulated Rewards, as well as information about interests based on data about your behavior on the Internet, in the networks of telecommunications and Internet operators, network and/or coalition (with the participation of partner companies) loyalty programs (hereinafter referred to as personal data). During the processing of your personal data, the following actions will be carried out with or without the use of automation tools: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction.
1.3 From the moment of registration, the participant independently controls the change of his personal data in his personal account.
1.4 In case of providing false (inaccurate) information about oneself, as well as in case of untimely change of outdated information, the participant assumes the risk of any negative consequences associated with the provision of incorrect information, up to the deduction of points or a ban on participation in the reward system.

2. Accrual of Rewards.
2.1 The order of accrual or write-off of rewards is determined by the administration of the H-G.
2.1.1 Reward points can be awarded for the purchase of goods. The amount of rewards is determined by the administration of the H-G, the validity period of rewards accrued for the purchase of goods of 180 days. Rewards are automatically credited to the Program Member's Reward Account after the online payment for the purchase, taking into account the receipt of reward points.
2.1.2 Rewards can be accrued by the decision of the administration, in the form of promotions and promotional campaigns. In the promotion held within the framework of the program, both all participants and their separate categories (target consumer focus groups), determined by the terms of a particular promotion, can participate. the H-G independently determines: the terms and conditions of the promotion; categories of participants for which the promotion is carried out. Burnt promotional rewards are not restored.
2.2 H-G, at its discretion, may establish other grounds (cases) for accrual and / or non-accrual of Rewards, including for certain categories of participants.
2.3 When crossing with other promotions with additional accrual of Rewards, they are accrued for each position of the check for only one, the most profitable promotion. Accruals on the amount of the check take into account only positions for which there were no other promotional accruals.
2.4 Rewards cannot be exchanged for cash.
2.5 The Participant, among other things, may not perform any of the following actions: give, sell or otherwise alienate Rewards, or the right to receive them, to other participants or other third parties; transfer Rewards or the rights to receive them as a pledge or otherwise impose encumbrances on them and / or rights to receive them.
2.6 Balance and details - when clicking on this link, the user can get acquainted with information about the number of Rewards on the account and the details of accruing and writing off reward points.

3. Validity of rewards
3.1 The validity period of Rewards for purchases, on the account of the program member is 180 days, and can be changed at any time by decision of the administration H-G.
3.1.1 If during this period the member makes a new purchase on the H-G, then after the accrual of Rewards for this purchase, the validity period of all the member's available rewards in the available discount, with the exception of Rewards accrued on promotions, is again 180 days (counting from day of the last purchase on the H-G). If, within 180 days from the moment of receiving the Rewards accrued for the last purchase, the participant has not made any new purchase with the accrual of Rewards, then the Rewards available on his account in the available discount will expire. Burnt Rewards are non-refundable.
3.2 The validity period of Rewards accrued as part of a promotion is determined by the terms of the relevant promotion, which is set by the H-G at its sole discretion.
3.3 The current state of the Rewards on the Reward account is contained in the participant's personal account on the Balance and details. In order to avoid claims, H-G recommends that Members keep track of their Reward Points balance, as well as the date of expiration (burnout) of Rewards not activated in the discount, on their own.

4. Payment with rewards
4.1 When paying for a purchase with Rewards, the following number of reward points can be used:
4.1.1 Rewards can be paid for an amount not exceeding 100% of the cart.
4.1.2 At the same time, goods with discounts are not excluded from the total amount of the cart for calculating the allowable write-off with rewards by decision of the administration.
4.2 Rewards are spent in chronological order: the ones with the earliest burn date are used first.
4.3 The terms of payment with rewards can be changed at any time, by the decision of the administration of the H-G.

5. Refund of products in which reward points took part.
5.1 In the event of a return of goods partially or fully paid for with Rewards, they will be returned to the Member's Reward Account at the time of the return. In the event that the expiration date of the Reward Points at the time of the return has expired, the rewards will not be returned.
5.2 If a participant pays for 2 or more goods with Rewards and then returns one of them, then the Rewards spent on the returned goods are returned to the participant's Reward account. Rewards credited to the participant's account will be available for discount immediately after they are returned to the account.
5.3 If, when returning the goods, at the time of the refund, the client does not have enough Rewards on the Reward account to write off the amount previously accrued for the purchase and spent by the client, then the maximum possible number of rewards will be written off.

6. Additional Rules
6.1 The H-G may send the member information about the reward account, accumulated Rewards, changes in the rules of the loyalty program by sending messages to the hgsro.sk@gmail.com.
6.2 In order to inform about news and promotions, the H-G company may send him advertising and / or marketing information about the goods, works, services of the H-G and its partners, about news and promotions by sending messages to the hgsro.sk@gmail.com.
6.3 If the participant wants to refuse participation in the program, it is necessary to go to the personal account of the reward program Balance and details and click "refuse to participate", and then confirm this intention.
6.4.1 If the participant wants to resume participation in the reward program, it is necessary to go to the personal account of the reward program Balance and details and click "Resume participation", and then confirm this intention.
6.4.2 A participant, who has renewed participation, retains all points with an unexpired expiration date.
6.5 The participant may be blocked in the reward program by decision of the administration. If you do not agree with this decision, please contact the administration. In this case, only the website administration can restore participation in the reward program.
6.6 The validity period of the program is not limited. H-G has the right to terminate the program at any time.
6.7 H-G has the right to unilaterally change the terms of the program at any time. The terms of the program with changes are published on the program website at the Terms of use.
6.8 The document confirming the company's obligation to accrue Rewards to the participant's account is an electronic check (or other document confirming the purchase within the program). All claims on the fact of accrual of Rewards are considered by the company only upon presentation of the documents specified above.
6.9 Rewards can be written off at the initiative of the company without prior notice to the program participant if they were credited to the participant's account erroneously, as a result of the actions of the participant or another person containing elements of bad faith, or for other reasons determined by the decision of the H-G administration.
6.10 The Company has the right to terminate participation in the program of any participant and block / cancel the Reward account without notice in cases where the participant: - does not comply with these conditions, as well as the conditions of other promotions of the company; — has made or intends to make a sale or purchase of rewards to third parties; — allowed or intends to allow a third party to place an order through his personal account on the H-G or in a mobile application; - has committed or intends to commit actions that have significant signs of fraud, deceit or other manipulations that have caused or may cause material or moral damage and other negative consequences; - abuses any rights granted to the participant under the program; – did not fill in the required fields of the questionnaire/application-questionnaire or filled it out incorrectly which prevents from confirming participant's identity; - provides information (misinformation) that is misleading or does not correspond to reality; — in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation; — if the facts indicate that the participant’s purchases are made for business purposes, that is, for their subsequent sale / resale, or on behalf of / at the expense of a legal entity to carry out the activities of a legal entity, or on behalf of / at the expense of an individual received from a group of individuals, for the acquisition of equipment for general use and / or donation.

WupSales - Reward Points for WooCommerce
The organization of the Reward system is provided by the Wupsales. Wupsales is not responsible for the methods of use and unfair use of the reward system service for fraudulent purposes or any purposes contrary to local law.
All settings and functionality of the provided service are configured personally by the H-G administration.

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